Is Whimzie Quiltz the Reason Duke Won the National Championship?

In mid-March this year, I finished up a couple of projects for family and friends and started a custom Duke University quilt for Trisha M. and her son, Chayson. The timing was kind of interesting – I was actually cutting blue fabrics the day of the NCAA Tournament Selection Show and, low and behold, there was Duke as a #1 seed.

As March Madness progressed, so did Trisha’s quilt. Duke played through the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight rounds while I was piecing blue and white blocks. Come Final Four time, I was busy machine appliquéing the Blue Devil center to the quilt. And, during the National Championship game, the quilt was just going on my long arm quilting machine. Although it wasn’t quite finished when the nets came down that Monday, I was able to complete the binding last week and Trisha’s winning quilt is now ready to ship –

Duke Blue Devil Quilt

Now, in my heart of hearts, I know that the fact I was working on a Duke quilt during this year’s tournament had nothing to do with Krzyzewski’s kids winning the 2015 National Championship. Nonetheless, next year I WILL be making a Kansas Jayhawk quilt come March… in the hopes that lightning strikes twice.


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