Bucket List Refilled

Bucket List II

Two years ago for National Quilting Day, I posted a list of quilts on my bucket list – ones I want to create before I kick the proverbial bucket.

As of today, National Quilting Day 2015, I’m very excited to say that I’ve checked off three of the five quilts listed!

I’m less excited to say that my list has gotten a lot longer.

TardisBig 8 QuiltThe Quilt of the 12 TequilasLet’s start with the bucket list quilts that are done, including The Quilt of the 12 Tequilas featuring favorite tequila t-shirts and the Big 8 Conference appliqué quilt I just finished this month. Both of those are quilts I happily curl up with regularly now. The third quilt is a Doctor Who Tardis that a customer asked for, so while I didn’t get to keep it, I did have the fun of making it.

Now, on to the new…

Steven Tyler Quilt ~ I can see where you might think I’m talking about an Aerosmith-themed quilt, but this would actually a memorial quilt for my wonderful cat who passed on several years ago, Steven Tyler. Found in a snowstorm, he spent most of his life laying in sunbeams and the design I have in mind reflects his life and his loves.

I ❤ Ewe Quilt ~ When I was little, my sister received a stuffed black sheep that cried ‘baaaa’ when you turned it upside down. It was never her favorite, but for some reason, I loved that silly sheep and I eventually talked her into giving it to me. Someday I plan to create a sheep quilt to keep that little guy company.

Whoville Quilt ~ For the last several years, my husband and I have attended matinee performances of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. This live action version draws on Dr. Seuss’ original book artwork – everything on the stage is red, pink, black or white (except the Grinch.) That beautiful set has inspired me to add a Whoville quilt to my list of must make quilts.

NFL Quilt ~ With the Big 8 blanket finished, this quilt takes the sports quilt spot on my list. For my birthday, I’m getting an embroidered logo from all 32 NFL teams. So excited! Not exactly sure how I’m going to incorporate them or what the final design is going to be, but I can’t wait to play around and see what happens.

And just making the list in the last two weeks…

One in a Minion Quilt ~ Loves me some minions! When I saw minion fabric was available for pre-order, my “no more new fabric” new year’s resolution flew out the window (hey, I lasted nearly three months!)

These new ideas join the Star Trek Quilt and Jellyfish Quilt still on my list from last time. Plus I have some other ideas still noodling around in my head (a penguin quilt, another Doctor Who design) that may yet make the list. Looks like I won’t be kicking the bucket for quite a long time – too many quilts I must make before I go!


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