Puppy Love

Lots of little girls go through a phase when they are fascinated with animals – horses or dolphins, giraffes… even cats and dogs. Most of those animal-obsessed kids dream of being a veterinarian in the far off future “when they grow up”.

Fewer decide to turn that fascination into something concrete right now, like our niece did. At the age of 7, she opened her own dog walking company, Puppy Peace Daycare. No waiting around for her, no someday, no when I’m older – she wanted dogs to be part of her life now and she made it happen!

When it came time to make her quilt, I chose a golden lab puppy theme, not just because she liked the animals, but because that kind of determination deserves recognition.

Puppy Love Quilt

While the over-sized scrappy puppy design is the focal point on this quilt, the colors came together based on the adorable fabric background. Seriously, “WOOF”? It’s so doggone cute! 🙂

Bright, energetic and fun, this puppy love quilt is perfect for the cheerful little go-getter that is our niece. And now she has a warm quilt to curl up in when she returns from walking all those dogs in her care!


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