Monkey See, Monkey Quilt

You know how sometimes you get something stuck in your head?

For most people this happens with a catchy tune – for me, it’s an adorable quilt idea. In 2011, a customer requested a wild animal-themed baby quilt and I suggested a cute little pieced monkey. She ended up going with an appliquéd elephant design, but the monkey idea stayed with me.

This year, when Gus H. asked me to create a baby quilt for his co-worker’s new baby boy, that monkey just swung right back into my head (see what I did there?)

Fortunately, Gus liked the design, too, and I finally got to bring “Monkeying Around” from idea to reality.

Monkey See, Monkey Quilt

As usual for my baby quilts, this design includes Prairie Points – those colorful 3D triangles around the border. They not only look cool, but their tactile nature encourages hand-eye coordination in little ones, too.

Monkey PillowAnd I couldn’t help but go ape over all those colorful dot, star and and swirl fabrics! So much so, that I decided to make a coordinating tooth fairy pillow, too.

Does it sound like I had a great time working on this custom quilt order? ‘Cause I sure did! Frankly, the whole thing was more fun than a barrel of… well, you know. 🙂



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