A Little More Pillow Talk

I always love filling in around custom quilt orders with smaller projects (apparently, if I’m away from a sewing machine for too long, I go crazy.) Lately, these “filler” projects have been pillow related…

Brazilian OwlsWhoo Knew?

When Fran K. asked for an owl pillow for her friend in South America, I suggested the design and she suggested we make it in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

I learned quite a bit making this pillow. For instance, there’s a lot of meaning behind Brazil’s flag. Green represents forests, yellow is for the country’s mineral wealth, blue depicts the sky over Rio, and the white represents peace.

I also picked up some Portuguese… it’s a “linda almofada“, or pretty pillow, don’t you think? (I especially like that the little beaks are 3-dimensional. Super cute!)

New York Giants PillowA Giant Mistake

Last year, I gave one of my nephews a New England Patriots pillow. One small problem… his favorite football team is the New York Giants.

He never said anything about it at the time, just thanked me graciously for the gift. I only figured out later in a conversation we were having about football that I’d gotten it wrong. What kid these days does that? Usually, you don’t even get a thank you, let alone a polite thank you even if it’s the wrong thing!

I was finally able to make up this replacement NY Giants pillow. Mailed it this week, and as an added bonus, I got another really nice thank you message from him!

Minnie Mouse Tooth Fairy PillowThis Could Be The Start of Something Disney

Some of my family recently came for a visit to Disneyland, then stayed with us for a few days afterword. Fortunately, their trip was pre-measles outbreak, but I think they may have brought something back with them as I now seem to have the “Disney bug”.

This Minnie Mouse themed tooth fairy pillow is only the start of a series of pillows influenced by their trip to the happiest place on Earth. It’s available right now in my Etsy store. I’m also having a lot of fun creating more Disney inspired pillows (coming soon!)

They say that the Disney parks are the only people traps operated by mice – they sure got me! 😀


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