Sentimental Star

Stephanie O. has had a longtime interest in a Whimzie quilt. Over the years, she and I have noodled around a bunch of different ideas for custom quilted pieces, from music themed quilts to heart inspired pieces, even pillows featuring a pieced image of Mark Twain! But nothing really struck her fancy enough to buy… until we started talking memory quilts featuring her twins baby clothing.

Sentimental Star

The sentimental clothing was only the first part of what was to be a very kid-centric quilt. She wanted the colors to be blues, indigos, purples and whites, with lots of fabrics featuring stars and circles because all of these things reminded her of her kids. She even got them involved in the picking out the various fabrics!

In order to fit in as many clothing pieces as possible, I recommended a Amish Star design with a wide border. Making it scrappy gave me a big field to introduce lots of purple and blue fabrics without losing the emphasis on the clothes.

Baby Clothes PillowsIn the end, we were able to include 48 different outgrown outfits. In fact, there was a little bit of fabric left from some of the onesies, so I made a couple of pillows for the kids, too.

Not to brag too much, but this is the first time I’ve left a customer speechless. After sending a photo of the finished quilt, I didn’t hear back from her and contacted her again to make sure everything was okay. Here’s her reply…

The truth is seeing it finished brought up a lot of emotions in me and I couldn’t respond right away. It’s absolutely perfect and I thank you so much. You did an amazing job.

Truthfully, it was Steph and her kids that made this Sentimental Star quilt so amazing, all I did was the quilting. I’m just happy to do my part so the three of them enjoy curling up in this quilt – together – for years and years to come.


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