A Novel Quilt for My Niece Who Reads

When I started Whimzie Quiltz 10 years ago, I had a webpage but not this blog, so there are lots of early quilts I haven’t posted. Since I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary, I thought I’d go back and share some of those stories, with a focus on “N ‘n’ N Quilts” – quilts I’ve made for my nieces and nephews.

As you know, I’ve been making quilts for my nieces and nephews, starting with the oldest and working my way to the youngest. But I knew what I wanted to do for this niece’s quilt long before it was her turn.

She reads.

So she needed a book-themed quilt to read under. This was the result…

A Quilt to Read Under

I, too, am a reader. Because of that, I feel a very strong connection with this niece.

Like most readers, she’s quiet, but not in a shy way; it’s like she’s more interested in learning what’s going on around her than talking. But if you catch her at just the right moment, she’ll share a thoughtful insight or funny observation and suddenly you feel like you are getting a sneak peek into a delightful little world that is usually hers alone.

A Quilt to Read Under PinShe’s also one of the most considerate people I’ve ever known – quick with a ‘thank you’ or to ask ‘how are you?’ rather than talk about herself. She is devoted to her family, too, and friends, even pets. Every year she attends horse camp and looks in on Rosie, the first horse she ever rode.

Also like most readers, she’s generous, especially with her book recommendations, letting me know if she’s come across something good I might like as well. She’s even gotten me to read the Harry Potter books (at my age!)

Her quilt is my most popular quilt on Pinterest with 75 repins (the next most liked quilt I’ve posted there has only 49 repins). I guess there are lots of readers who would appreciate a quilt to read under, but this one is hers alone – a ‘novel’ quilt, made with love by her aunt, just for a niece who reads.



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