A “Bear-y” Special Quilt

I was already working on one quilt for customer Crystal S. when she contacted me about a second.

This one would be for her mother-in-law, a wonderful woman whom Crystal described as “sort of like everyone’s mama bear.” Armed with the additional notes that her favorite colors were blue, purple and pink and that she had a country decorating style, I set about creating three draft ideas… and got them ALL wrong. The bear was too cute and the colors too babyish.

But this is why I always say,

“If the designs I’ve sent aren’t on the right track, please let me know how I can revise them – I’ll work up additional designs based on your input.”

I’m never married to any of the quilt ideas I suggest. My entire goal is to create the quilt you, my customer, have always wanted and any information you can provide that gets us closer to the perfect design is welcomed with open arms.

So I took Crystal’s recommendations and went back the drawing board, coming up with this modified Irish Chain design:

Mama Bear Quilt

The warmer pink and dusty purple coordinated perfectly with the country blue and the appliquéd white mama bear with her two silhouetted cubs popped against the background. As usual, Shirley over at Embroidery by Shirley did a fantastic job including all the family names to add an even more personalized touch.

I’m pleased to be able to create this cozy and comfy quilt for a woman her loved ones describe as “always giving so much or herself to everyone and never [asking] anything in return”. Even though I didn’t nail her mama bear design the first time out, with the help of terrific feedback, I’m sure this ‘bear-y special’ quilt we came up with together will be treasured for years and years to come.


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