Aunt “D” and Her Nephew’s Enterprise “D” Quilt

When I started Whimzie Quiltz 10 years ago, I had a webpage but not this blog, so there are lots of early quilts I haven’t posted. Since I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary, I thought I’d go back and share some of those stories, with a focus on “N ‘n’ N Quilts” – quilts I’ve made for my nieces and nephews.

Little LucIs there a Star Trek gene?

Based on my husband and his nephew, the answer is “yes”. Love for Gene Roddenberry’s creation sure seems to run in the family. Although I think the gene mutated slightly as my husband’s favorite Trek is Original Series and you can tell from this photo that our nephew is a fan of TNG (as well as the most adorable junior captain in the entire universe!)

At first, I thought about going a bit generic and creating a traditional Around the World quilt for this nephew using blue star fabrics (it was going to be called Around the Universe). But I kept coming back to this photo… generic patterns, even if they included stars, just wouldn’t do. His quilt had to actually feature Star Trek. And that’s how Aunt “D” created his Enterprise “D” quilt:

Enterprise D Quilt

Since he received this quilt, our nephew has grown a lot. He’s become adventurous, yet thoughtful, mirroring in many ways the character of Captain Picard whose uniform he once wore. His interests have expanded, though; he’s developed a real flair for sports reporting and dabbled a bit in acting.

But a love of Star Trek has a way of sticking with a person and, someday, perhaps, he’ll have little Trekkies of his own. It’ll be exciting to see three generations of the family caught up in Star Trek… and Great Aunt D will be there, ready to keep his crew warm on their deep space missions, with future quilts, too. I can’t wait to see what an Enterprise Z quilt looks like!


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