Challenge Accepted!

Late summer always wears on me a bit – the heat is just not conducive to the warmth of quilting. So when Clare at Clare’s Craftroom proposed a Creative Challenge for August, it was just the crafty boost I needed! I jumped at the chance to participate.

Every participant (and there were 42 of us; was everyone feeling late summer ennui?) was given a photo and a color as inspiration for creating something unique. These were mine:


As a quilter, the photo was very interesting – I immediately saw in the repetition of the wrought iron points a “Dresden Plate”. This intricate quilt pattern, a mixture of piecework and appliqué, was especially popular in the 1920s and 30s and something I’ve always wanted to try.

emeryI have a much loved pincushion collection that needed a new addition, so my challenge became to create a Dresden pincushion. The one thing I didn’t have on hand was emery to stuff the finished piece with. Amazingly, I found on Etsy a specialty emery made from garnets! Even though it wouldn’t be seen, it fit my color scheme so perfectly that I had to get it.

Next, I visited my stash for fabrics. Fortunately, red is a color I love I sew with, so I had plenty of beautiful raspberry choices. These I decided to make into the Dresden. For the backing fabric, I chose a tone-on-tone grey that I’ve had hidden away for years. I felt it reflected nicely both the urban and the natural elements found in the picture of the leaf covered grate.

Typically, a Dresden has a fabric circle appliquéd in the middle and I did that, but thought a wooden button to represent the tree would be the perfect finishing touch.

With no further ado, here’s my finished challenge item:

Raspberry Dresden Pincushion

For my first try at a Dresden I’m pretty happy. This was also my first attempt at a “perfect” round circle using the interfacing method:

Dresden Pincushion 2

Yeah, I need more practice there. I wish I’d chose a less lumpy batting, too. But I tried something new, I had fun and, best of all, it’s finally starting to cool down around here so I can get back to my quilting!

Thanks for letting me play, Clare – can’t wait to see everyone else’s creations here



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