These Are the Warm and Comfy Voyages…

Another Star Trek quilt! These make me so happy 😀

When customer Keisha R. contacted me about a quilt for her husband she wrote “He absolutely LOVES Star Trek! From the original series to the newest movies!!”

She also wrote about what a wonderful family man he is… Ding! ding! ding! went the quilt design portion of my brain.

What if her family were part of the Star Trek crew? There’d be a captain, a science officer and 3 little redshirts, just like this…

Star Trek:  Family Voyages

And they’d all go on voyages around the galaxy, zipping around on the U.S.S. Enterprise and having wonderful adventures. That’s why I called the quilt “Star Trek: Family Voyages” (or ST:FV in the accepted abbreviation format 😀 ).

trekfabricMost of the quilt is appliqué, although some parts, like the warp trails and the uniform braiding, look embroidered. The multi-color border is pieced, though.

The color scheme was meant to feel like the Original Series, but still fit into a country decorating scheme. Luckily, the newest Star Trek fabrics on the market featured more muted shades and this quilt’s backing fabric – shown here – fit in perfectly.

Being able to take a huge phenomena like Star Trek, yet still customize a quilt design to just one Trekkie family, is such a thrill. Can’t wait until my next sci-fi themed quilt request! I love what I do!


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