My Quilts Are Spilling Over Into the Outdoors!

I’m one of those people who feels every room deserves a quilt, even the bathroom and the laundry room. But what happens when you run out of rooms? Quilts spill over into the outdoors like this…

House Number Pillows

No Soliciting Sign

No Trespassing Sign

The house number pillows and the porch sign post were both inspired by pins I’d seen on Pinterest – although I added the zip code pillow because I wanted a symmetrical look to our bench.

The “No Soliciting” sign was inspired by the vast number of flyers left on our porch daily (seriously, has anyone EVER chosen a service based on a piece of paper stuck in their door? What a waste of trees.)

And the “No Trespassing” sign replaces the store-bought one that was on our fence when we moved in. We have to have one because of the pool, but who decreed it had to be so ugly? This one is so much prettier and, this may sound funny, but I feel like it delivers the message in a nicer way, too.

The centers of all four items were printed on Spoonflower’s heavy cotton twill in the hopes they’ll hold up to the weather. The borders are from Osnaburg muslin. Yeah, I’d never heard of it either :), but what a fantastic textured, yet 100% cotton, fabric! It’s a heavy weave and perfect for the natural, outdoorsy look I was going for.

I really love the way everything came together – it gives our home just a bit more curb appeal and makes it stand out in our very cookie-cutter neighborhood. And if the “no soliciting” sign works, all the effort to create this outdoor set will definitely be worth it!


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