World’s Nicest Neighbors

Earlier this year, I lost a knife fight with an avocado while trying to make guacamole and ended up losing the use of my left hand for several weeks. There’s so much you can’t when you only have one hand! Especially when you add in fear of your kitchen utensils turning on you… can you blame me for not wanting to cook?

When our next door neighbors heard about my mishap, they brought over a couple of dinners for me and my husband. Can you believe that? We’ve only lived here a little while, but their wonderful gesture sure made us feel welcome. Added bonus – Shawn is a fabulous chef! Everything was so delicious.

Once I was back to quilting, I wanted to make her something special as a thank you. What cook worth her salt (see what I did there?) doesn’t need more hot pads, right?

Thank You Hot Pads

For the design I chose stylized versions of our two houses, and, since we both drive the same color autos, I appliquéd cute little blue cars, too! The hot pads have insulated batting inside, so they can be used (though they’re probably better at being decorative :D) We’re so grateful for our wonderful neighbors and hope this little thank you lets them know how much.

And just a last word of advice to everyone – watch out for those darn avocados!


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