Art + Arithmetic

When I started Whimzie Quiltz 10 years ago, I had a webpage but not this blog, so there are lots of early quilts I haven’t posted. Since I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary, I thought I’d go back and share some of those stories, with a focus on “N ‘n’ N Quilts” – quilts I’ve made for my nieces and nephews.

I believe everyone has a creative side.

You can be talking to the most cerebral professor of molecular biology and discover he makes a tasty tamale. Or the chemical engineer who runs a biotech manufacturing plant may suddenly surprise you with the perfect marketing tagline. Or, like my sister-in-law’s oldest son, you can be designing computer games and applications before you are practically out of diapers, yet still be such a fantastic photographer that your photos are professionally published while you are still in middle school.

When it came time to make this nephew a quilt, I knew I wanted it to speak to both sides of his personality, the art AND the arithmetic. The solution was this Bargello quilt…

Abstract: Art + Math Quilt

The design of a Bargello quilt comes from adhering to a strict layout of fabric pieces which gives the look of a mathematical curve. For those of us for whom calculus was a lifetime ago, the pattern forms a wave. Although it looks detailed and difficult, Bargello quilts are actually very simple to make if you use some clever little shortcuts. And, of course, a finished Bargello pattern is beautiful! Full of movement and grace. In the autumn color scheme I chose for this nephew, there’s a glow that makes his quilt even more warm and cozy.

Whether he’s curled up with a Ansel Adams coffee table book or a C++ programming text book, his quilting aunt has him covered with this Bargello beauty!


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