No Where to Go But “Up”

It’s pretty fashionable for animated movies to have a message – everything from Bambi to Frozen offers at least a little life lesson. But, for me, there’s no sequence that can compare to the significance of the first few minutes of “Up”. It’s just an amazing vignette about how deeply love, loss and life are linked even if it is just a cartoon.

When my husband passed a major milestone birthday this week, I chose “Up” as inspiration for a gift to convey how much I am enjoying our “adventure” together… and that we have no where to go but “Up” from here!

Up Inspired Adventure Pillow

Just a few construction highlights for those who like that kind of stuff – the pillow center I had printed at Spoonflower and I added a classic Whimzie Quiltz scrappy yellow fabric border. The clouds are machine attached felt and I hand sewed all the buttons after carefully laying them out – several times! 😀 The strings are embroidery thread and the back is a fun balloon print fabric.


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