Not Every Quilt’s a Winner

When I started Whimzie Quiltz 10 years ago, I had a webpage but not this blog, so there are lots of early quilts I haven’t posted. Since I’m celebrating my 10th anniversary, I thought I’d go back and share some of those stories, with a focus on “N ‘n’ N Quilts” – quilts I’ve made for my nieces and nephews.

You’d think, just looking at this quilt, that it’d be a winner – I mean, it’s NASCAR themed! But, like a race day car crash, this is the nephew’s quilt that went spinning off the track.

Not a Winner

By the time it came to make this quilt, I’d already made three quilts for nieces and nephews and they’d each been enthusiastically welcomed (Her and All Her Enthusiam / Beach Glass Bond / Hard Rock, Soft Quilt.) But when I started this quilt my nephew was still pretty young and his likes and dislikes hadn’t really gelled yet.

So while a NASCAR seemed appropriate at the time, if I was to do this quilt over again, I could get so much closer to matching his theme to the thoughtful, dedicated young man our nephew has become.

And it would have airplanes!

Not only does he want to be a pilot, he’s shown a real commitment to making that dream happen, including saving for lessons and choosing a college with a well-respected flight program. There’s no doubt that one day he’ll be a top pilot one day… just a pilot with a NASCAR quilt from his well-meaning aunt back on the ground.


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