Whimzie Quiltz and the Wildfires

We were extremely fortunate during the recent wildfires here in San Diego. I was able to keep sewing every day and, although I packed up my sewing room every night just in case we were ordered to evacuate, we got to stay in our home the whole week.

Local (and regional) firefighters have been remarkable through this entire situation – it’s just not possible to thank them enough for their efforts. After 5 excrutiating days, they are still fighting back hot spots as I write this, doing everything they can to keep us San Diegans and our homes safe.

sewing machine serial numberThis close call spurred me to take updated photos of everything we own for insurance purposes. Fingers crossed, you’ll never need them, but I urge everyone to take the time and do the same this weekend.

Don’t forget those serial numbers on your sewing machines, long arm quilting machines or other expensive crafting machines!

People and pets are important; things are just things. But if the unthinkable happens, a few minutes today spent photographing your valuables can help get your life back to normal – and you back to crafting! – faster.

Stay safe!



  1. whimziequiltz

    Thanks, CraftyStaci – it’s amazing how sewing calms a person in these types of situations. I’m glad I had some projects to take my mind off of the worry.

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