Wild About this Quilted Giraffe Pillow

It’s not that I procrastinate, I swear. It’s just that I get SO many ideas in my head sometimes that the amount of time between concept and execution can stretch out to ridiculous lengths.

Which is a pretty apt description of what happened with this quilted giraffe pillow I promised to a friend almost 2 years ago.

Button Giraffe Pillow

Her daughter loves giraffes. I wanted to play around with some embellishments on a small quilt. Using buttons for giraffe spots and ribbon for a giraffe mane – match made in heaven, am I right? So I offered to a make an embellished giraffe wallhanging for her little girl.

I picked out the fabrics and the buttons, but had to put it to the side as orders came in. Then more orders came in. Then the holidays, projects for Etsy, etc. etc. Before I knew it, the giraffe had been sitting in my sewing room for almost two years!

So with a few free evenings in the last two weeks, I pulled this project out and whipped him into shape. I changed from a wallhanging to a pillow part way through, but the overall design stayed pretty much on target. (He was originally going to be more pink, too, but over the last few years, I’ve heard so many colorful stories about my friend’s daughter that he became more colorful to reflect that, too.)

Ultimately, I think the extra time made this a better project. Still, I’m glad he’s off tomorrow to a new home — where he’ll be much loved by a sweet little girl instead of stored in my fabric closet.


What’s the longest you’ve gone between idea and execution? Two years isn’t even in my top 5… compared to some projects I have waiting, this little giraffe flew out the door! 😀


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