Today’s Mane Event – A Quilted Horse Tale

Now I’m not a horse person, but I’ve known a few, so I think it’s safe for me to say there’s no way to be a casual horse lover. You either accept that horses will be the most important thing in your life or you just don’t get involved with the animals at all.

So when Crystal S. contacted me about having a horse-themed quilt made for her daughter, I knew it couldn’t be just an ordinary horse quilt. For one thing, she wanted the colors to be silver and teal. For another, she wanted the quilt design to work for a little girl who loved horses AND mature with her as she grew into a young woman who loved horses, too. And finally, Crystal didn’t care that I had several orders already underway – she really wanted her daughter to have such a treasured keepsake quilt and they’d be willing to wait for it.

Teal Horse Quilt

The result is this beautiful Dapple Gray stallion with flowing mane. I kept it modern with asymmetrical placement – which also gives the impression that the spirited animal has just galloped right onto the quilt.

Pixel quilts are extremely popular right now, but this design was actually inspired by a cross-stitch pattern, so it was a breeze to piece. It’s the quilting, though, that makes me happiest – I did swirls on the mane and background to give the overall design even more movement.

All in all, Crystal’s daughter’s quilt turned out to be a thoroughbred – and I’m not horsin’ around when I say that!


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