A Quilt 4 Years in the Making

If you are into instant gratification, custom quilting probably isn’t the way to go. And there’s no better example of that than the story behind this quilt… a quilt 4 years in the making.

Marquette Quilt

Cassie P. first contacted me in March of 2010, wanting to have a quilt made for her boyfriend. She had a simple design in mind, something that would feature the college they had both recently graduated from. We emailed about the project, but the cost was a bit high for a new graduate and she put the idea on the back burner for the time.

Over the next few years, Cassie would touch base with me occasionally, to see if I was still quilting (spoiler alert – I was!)

Last fall, she was ready to go and contacted me about having a Marquette quilt made for Christmas. Unfortunately, I was already booked for the holidays! Ain’t that always the way? But I was able to work out a deal where I quilted a small coordinating pillow in time to wrap with the promise of the full quilt to come later…

And later finally arrived! Almost 4 years to the day from when she first contacted me, Cassie’s Marquette quilt is being delivered.

As I look back on 10 years of custom quilting, it makes me giggle to think this project has been on my radar for 40% of the time I’ve been in business. And while most orders don’t take quite this long to finish, a lot of time and effort DOES go into each custom created Whimzie quilt. As I said, quilting may not offer instant gratification, but, wow, is it worth it in the end!


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