My Latest Pieced (or is that Peace-d?) Creation

One of my nieces, even though she was born in this millennium, is definitely what you would call a child of the 60s. She’s into groovy clothes, mixing and matching her colors in unexpected, hip and harmonious, ways. And she loves peace signs. On everything.

Naturally, when it came time to create this niece’s quilt, I knew it had to have a peace sign. I scoured the Internet for months looking for a pieced peace sign. Sure, there are lots of peace sign quilts done in appliqué, but I couldn’t find a piecework pattern anywhere. Eventually, I had to develop my own and it became the center”piece” of this quilt:

Peace Sign Quilt

If you look closely, there’s some pretty fussy piecework there in the center to get the angles just right, but overall I’m super pleased with the way it came out.

To fill out the space, I added some psychedelic inner borders and a wide outer border with hearts. I choose to do the hearts in lots of fun colors, but not being as brave as she is with color coordination, I pulled everything together black dot centers. The layout is asymmetrically symmetrical – yes, it’s a thing – and gives the overall look a cool 60s vibe that still seems pretty modern to me. The quilt is called “Peace, Love and Lauren” in her honor.



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