A Good Sign that We Miss Our Family

Wood Sign PostAlthough this project isn’t technically Whimzie Quiltz-related, I wanted to “post” about my new sign “post”. (To be fair, there is at least one quilt made by me in each of these locations – along with lots of our loved ones!)

The arrows were made from a wooden crate I purchased at Michaels. After carefully hammering the slats off, I cut the ends on a table saw, using a picture of the actual M*A*S*H sign as a guide. Determining which direction the points should go would have the only difficult part of the whole project, but since I live only 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean all my arrows point one way. Whew!

I printed off various computer fonts to inspire the different looks, although the actual cities and mileage were hand-lettered using a Sharpie. Then I nailed the arrows randomly on a 6′ pine board and placed it in the ground.

Although I’m hoping it weathers a bit, I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up to the elements long term. But it was so cheap and so easy, I suppose making another in the future if I need it won’t be a problem!



  1. Lemon Tree Snippets

    This is such a fabulous idea. I am near the Atlantic Ocean and have family from East Coast to West Coast and From Chicago, to Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. I might have to create my own family mileage stick. Thanks for the inspiration!

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