It’s a Pincushion, Not a Death Frisbee

Just in time for tonight’s “His Last Vow” episode, I finished my Sherlock-inspired deerstalker pincushion.

Sherlock Deerstalker Pincushion

Although I have a huge pincushion collection (what quilter worth her salt doesn’t?) I don’t normally make my own. But I couldn’t find anything even close to this available on any craft sites and I had to have something to celebrate my new favorite TV show.

Holmes Deerstalker Pincushion

The only thing that would be better would be a mini Benedict Cumberbatch to wear it around the sewing room!

Benedict Cumberbatch in Deerstalker



    • whimziequiltz

      I’ve completely forgotten which websites I used, Catherine, but I have two pdfs and a jpg on my computer that I must have worked from. I think I took elements from all three and merged them together. I’m more than happy to share them with you – I’ll send them to the email listed with your comment, but if you don’t get them, contact me at deidre [at] and I’ll forward them to you from there.

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