A Quilt Story about Love and Football

Houston Texans QuiltWell, the Houston Texans may have ended the year with a record of 2-14, but there’s one bright spot for big fan Angela N. – her husband got her this custom Whimzie quilt for Christmas.

This is actually the second quilt I’ve done for customer Tom N. Back when he was a swinging bachelor, Tom ordered a New England Patriots quilt for his guest room. That way, when his buddy the Jets fan came to stay, he’d have to sleep in the “Bill Belichick Suite”.

(Not long after I got a request for a Jets quilt from Tom’s friend, but that’s another story! 😀 )

Fast forward a few years… Tom meets and falls in love with Angela, despite her not being a Patriots fan. And to prove that love is stronger than NFL divisions, he has this Houston Texans quilt custom made just for her. Now Angela will have her own quilt to curl up in while the two of them are watching on Sunday afternoons. And, maybe, just maybe, it’ll bring the Texans a bit more luck next year, too!


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