Every Quilt Tells a (Horror) Story

Trick R Treat QuiltI’ve mentioned before how much I love the stories behind the custom quilts I’m asked to make. This one was particularly funny to me in a couple of ways…

When Anna B. first contacted me about making a quilt that featured her son’s favorite horror movie, I was a little worried, since I’m not a fan of the genre and wasn’t sure I could do it up right. But I went out at researched the movie Trick or Treat and came back with a couple of ideas. Whoops! Turns out there’s a movie called Trick or Treat and a movie called Trick R Treat!

Trick R Treat is definitely the better of the two. Once I got that straight, I think I nailed the design.

It also made me laugh that Anna wanted to give this quilt as a Christmas present. Which meant I was working on a Halloween design up until December 15 – all my holidays this year definitely got mixed up! Sometimes, it was as if Jack Skellington himself had taken over my quilting studio. 😀

Finally, the “nightmare” that was shipping for this order. I finished the quilt and shipped it off in what I thought was plenty of time for the holidays. It was going to a city in Texas and I figured a couple of days max to get it there from California. Imagine my horror when I woke up to find it had been sent to a city in New Mexico with the same name instead! Here I am, frantically calling the Post Office, begging them to please get it rerouted in time for Christmas. The Post Office manager calmly informs me that the city in question straddles the state line! The quilt was already out for delivery. I can laugh about it now, but at the time…

With everything involved in the creating (and delivering) of this custom quilt, it’s one I won’t forget for a long time. Every quilt tells a story, and while this one had it’s horror movie moments along the way, I am so, so glad it had a happy ending!


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