Whimzie Quiltz Keeps on Trekkin’

It was just a seemingly normal day in April when I got the email I’ve always hoped I’d get. “How much would it be for a full Star Trek quilt? I’d love one, actually so would my sister,” wrote Diana R. Seriously, the only thing that would make me happier would be if Captain Jean Luc Picard himself had contacted me over subspace… Not just one Star Trek custom quilt order, but TWO!

After a tough time deciding between the five potential designs I sent her, Diana went with the Star Trek: Voyager option. The overall pattern is based on quadrants, a nice tie in to Voyager’s travels through the Delta Quadrant, with swooping silhouettes of the ship and a menacing Borg sphere. Not surprisingly, it’s named “Delta Quadrant Voyages”.

Star Trek: Voyager Custom Quilt

Delta Quadrant Voyages
60″ X 60″
100% Cotton Fabric / Cotton-Poly Blend Batting

Diana’s sister, Anna B., on the other hand, knew exactly which quilt she wanted the moment she saw the design – an homage to the second Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan. It features a large movie-era Captain’s uniform in the center, surrounded by red, gold and cream star blocks, with “KHAAAAAN!” machine appliquéd along the bottom. (You can almost hear William Shatner’s famous roar when you look at it.)

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Custom Quilt

64″ x 64″
100% Cotton Fabric / Cotton-Poly Blend Batting

Because Diana and Anna placed their orders while I was offering a free pillow promotion, both received a coordinating 14″ square custom quilted pillow with their quilt. For Diana, I created a Captain Janeway Uniform pillow; for Anna, I chose the second most famous quote from the movie and had it embroidered in the center of the star.

StarTrek Captain Janeway Uniform Pillow

Star Trek Khan Pillow


Quilting… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Whimzie Quiltz. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new fabrics, to seek out new patterns and new quilt blocks, to boldly go where no quilter has gone before.



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