I May Be Getting a Reputation…

Not that I mind, because the reputation I’m getting is as a sci-fi quilter! Customers seem to be coming to me more and more for quilt ideas related to their favorite pop culture icons. There was the Star Trek baby quilt from last month and I’m currently working on two Star Trek lap quilts that should finish up in September. And I just got an order for a Doctor Who quilted pillow sham!

Don’t want to ruin the surprise as to the design Melissa L. picked out, but here are the ones she turned down (all of which are still available if you want a Doctor Who pillow sham, too)…

Classic Tardis
(20″ x 26″; $100) The traditional Police Box design, but sized for a standard bed pillow. Pieced blue, black and white background with machine appliquéd letters.

Doctor Who Tardis Pillow

I ♥ ♥ Doctor Who
(20″ x 26″; $100) Features the Doctor Who logo and plays off the fact that Time Lords have two hearts. Machine appliqué on a striped background pieced from blues, grey and white.

Doctor Who Time Lord Pillow

Don’t Blink
(20″ x 26″; $100) A great choice if you want to scare yourself silly every night before bed! Black and grey pieced background with machine appliquéd weeping angel and letters.

Doctor Who Don't Blink Pillow



    • whimziequiltz

      Totally agree, Christine – I’m thrilled to have this ‘reputation’! And being in San Diego, I’ve naturally thought about ComicCon, but there’s a 7 year wait list. (If only I had a time traveling blue box to take me then!)

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