More Quilted Trek

Remember customer Melissa K.’s Star Trek baby quilt from the other day? I included this tooth fairy pillow as a ‘thank you’ for her order…

Star Trek Tooth Fairy PillowThis was definitely a case of the fabric leading the design.

She really wanted to use USS Enterprise schematic fabric in black, but the images were large and cutting them up to sew a traditional quilting pattern would not have worked.

I ended up using a simple block of the fabric with a little black/white stripe around the outside (also added a bit of the stripe to the tooth fairy pocket for a cute coordinating touch!) An embroidered communicator badge on the pocket finished off the entire piece.

I had a lot of fun coming up with this adorable pillow, but it left me pondering the question ~ in a cashless society such as the Federation, what would the tooth fairy leave in exchange for a tooth?


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