A Baby Quilt for the World’s Newest Trekkie

The world’s newest Star Trek fan is about to make his or her debut.

Customer Melissa K. and her husband wanted to make sure that the future “Captain K.” started off right with a Star Trek themed nursery. She was able to find Trek crib sheets, but there was nothing but a big black hole when it came to Star Trek baby quilts. So Whimzie Quiltz warped in to the rescue…

NCC-7lbs1oz Custom Baby Quilt

At 38″ square this quilt is the perfect size for initially hanging above the crib (and I included a hanging sleeve on the back for just that purpose.) Later, when baby’s old enough, the quilt will come off the wall to be used as a play mat, so I included 3-dimensional PRAIRIE POINTS around the center. Babies love this tactile feature and playing with them can even help improve coordination.

Of course, the highlight of this quilt is a giant appliquéd model of the starship Enterprise! The Original Series Enterprise as viewed from the top. It’s a bit of a simplified schematic, but you definitely get the idea. And don’t you just love the pop of color from the red nacelles? My friend Shirley W. of Embroidery by Shirley beamed in to embroider the ship’s designation; as usual, her wonderful work pulled the entire piece together.

The finishing touch is a wide outside border featuring recently-released Star Trek fabric from Camelot Cottons. The Sciences blue colorway fit right in with Melissa’s nursery color scheme (that particular fabric pattern also comes in Command yellow and Engineering red – ♥)

Most of you know finished quilts are named and I thought long and hard before I realized the ideal name for this custom baby quilt. With no further ado, Whimzie Quiltz’ latest masterpiece and Starfleet’s newest ship is hereby christened the "NCC-7lbs1oz U.S.S. Baby Quilt". Engage!



    • whimziequiltz

      Thanks, Cynthia! This one took about 2-3 weeks because I was trying to get it done before the customer had her baby, but there were a lot of late hours. 😀 Live long and prosper!

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  2. Decorum DIYer

    Trekkies unite! What a thoughtful and well-executed quilt. Hmm, I wonder if the production crew of “Big Bang Theory” knows about you? This would make an excellent prop on the show, don’t you think?

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