As Seen on TV – Quilts!

You may find this a bit geeky, but one thing I love to do is search TV shows and movies for quilts.

Something as small as a split second shot of a quilt on a bed can make me smile, but I particularly love when the quilt becomes part of the story. Of course, the classic is “How to Make an American Quilt” (full disclosure – I’ve never seen it) but here are some of my favorite “As Seen on TV/movies” quilt moments…

Rules of Engagement

Jeff's Quilt on Rules of EngagementThe now sadly canceled sitcom had an entire episode about Audrey having her husband Jeff’s t-shirts made into a quilt.

Upset at first that his shirts were gone, he ended up loving the gift so much that he started showing pictures of it to strangers in bars. In later episodes you can sometimes still see the quilt in their bedroom, too.

The Simpsons

There’s the episode where Lisa and a friend go to visit a folk art museum with quilts prominently displayed AND an episode where Marge is disappointed that Lisa wants to skip working on a quilt they are making together to hang out with a new boyfriend (2 shout-outs in 24 seasons, whoo hoo!)

Groundhog Day

The quilt that Bill Murray wakes up under every morning in “Groundhog Day” has kind of a cult following on the Internet, but if you look closely there’s also a quilt with appliqued groundhogs on it hanging in the hallway as he enters the dance towards the end of the movie (I want that quilt so bad!)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

grinchAnother favorite is the Grinch sewing! To be fair, he’s making a Santa suit, not a quilt, but he’s using fabrics he just had on hand like many scrappy quilters, so I give the old sew-and-sew a pass.


Got a favorite TV or movie quilting moment of your own? Share in the comments; I’d love to look for it!


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