How Whimzie Quiltz Saved a House Divided

I come from a house divided.

I’m a diehard KC Chiefs fan and my husband roots for that team from New England. I know the anguish of trying to find fan gear that lets you celebrate both favorite teams equally.

Others suffer from this same sports-related affliction. House Divided quilts are one of the most popular requests at Whimzie Quiltz. After all, when you order a custom quilt you can get any two teams, any two schools, any two sports… or more.*

Take customer Amy. F. Amy graduated Pink Iowa-KSU House Divided Quiltfrom Iowa University, her husband from Kansas State. She struggled to happily mix the black and gold of her alma mater with the royal purple and silver of his. And trying to combine Hawkeyes and Wildcats… well, the best she ended up with was a Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom special.

Enter Whimzie Quiltz.

Using pink Iowa fabrics and pink K-State fabrics, she and I came up with this Sun Rays block design that features both schools equally – 6 blocks each. And the backing fabric is split right down the middle, too.

Added bonus – when held one direction the Hawkeyes face up; when held the other, the Wildcats do. Both are ‘on top’!

So, while Amy and her husband will probably still fight over the remote on game days, at least they’ll be warm while doing it. And once again, Whimzie Quiltz will have done it’s part to save a house divided.

Share your own stories of living in a house divided in the comments… love to hear them!


    *I once had a request to design a quilt for 5 Florida teams – plus the Washington Capitals. Talk about a divided house!


One comment

  1. whimziequiltz

    I mentioned we’re a Chiefs/that team from NE house divided – talk about your anguish! The ribbing I have taken about bad plays, bad quarters, bad games, even bad seasons – in my OWN HOME! But there’s always next year, right? 🙂

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