Inspiration to Inspired

Whimzie quilts aren’t designed in a vacuum.  Although most customers give me great information to work with when they fill out a custom quilt order form, I’ve still got to noodle around design ideas. One way I do that is by keeping up with what other quilters are doing and let their gorgeous creations inspire my own work.

ImageYesterday, I received a request was for a modern quilt with a unique shape.  What to do, what… to… do?

Then I remembered seeing “Science Fair” by Jaybird Quilts and loving how the designer played with the super popular hexagon block. In fact, I liked this quilt so much, I pinned it over at Pinterest ~ twice!

I didn’t want to just copy the Jaybird design – when you are making a quilt to sell, that’s a little something called plagiarism – but I did use their idea as a jumping off place for a design of my own. I started playing around with different hexagon placements and really loved a kind of beehive-look I got when stacking them. Then, a flash – TWO beehives! Different sizes gave me the asymmetric, contemporary look I was going for.

Modern Hexagon Inspired QuiltI decided to go with scrappy black and white fabrics for the outside hexagons, a nod to traditional quilters who used up every scrap available in their quilts, with a darker avocado green for the centers. Then I ‘float’-ed the blocks on a lighter avocado green background. Like “Science Fair”, I let some of the hexagons drift off the quilt to get a cool scalloped effect with the binding – this is not your mother’s typical quilt edge!

I love how the final design turned out. With inspiration from another great quilt, it’s fresh and fashionable and an inspired answer to a request for a modern quilt with a unique shape.

(Bad news for me, the customer didn’t go forward with her order; good news for you, this custom quilt design is still available! If you are interested, contact me at for more information…)



  1. twoquiltsandachicken

    I pinned the Science Fair quilt too… I just love it! I really like how you combined the hex edge with the traditional straight edge of the quilt in your design. It actually gives me a design idea of my own. Thank you!

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