Make it Sew… ST:TNG CompQCovers now available!

It all started with a giveaway.

ImageI gave away a free CompQCover over on Facebook, offering to do any design.  The woman who won said she’d love to give her husband a Star Trek themed cover for his eReader.  Something Spock related, preferably. So I noodled around and came up with this design >>

She loved it! And when she gave it to him, he loved it! It was such a big hit, I decided to offer Command yellow, Sciences blue and Red Shirt red CompQCovers in my Etsy store all the time.

These Star Trek: The Original Series CompQCovers became my biggest sellers (Sciences blue outsells Command and Engineering 2 to 1, BTW.)

Still, as much fun as it is to make TOS covers, I always felt I was leaving out the poor Trekker whose favorite series is The Next Generation. What was he or she supposed to do protect their iPad or Kindle?

Worry no more! ST:TNG CompQCovers are now available!

New TNG CompQCovers

TNG sleeves are made with a 100% cotton batik fabric body (as are all CompQCovers) and are carefully sized to the exact dimensions of your eReader or tablet. They are cushioned with cotton/poly blend batting, classically grid quilted and fully lined to offer padded protection against smudges, dirt and the occasional Romulan attack.

This Next Generation line of CQCs comes in Command/Helm burgundy, Medical/Sciences blue or Engineering/Security/Operations gold and features decorative metal pips. A top-stitched Star Trek uniform overlap at the bottom and a genuine Velcro (r) brand sewn-in closure secure your stored device.

So, the next time you want to go where no eReader or tablet has gone before, you can go boldy with a Star Trek: The Next Generation CompQCover. Engage!


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