Beaming Up a Star Trek Pillow Set

I always thought the high-tech Enterprise needed a bit more accessorizing. I mean, people live on this starship, why not make their five-year mission a bit more comfy?

So I quilted a solution… just listed in my Etsy store is this LIMITED EDITION Star Trek Uniform Pillow Sham Set.

Star Trek Uniform Pillow Set

Made from upcycled shirts, the set includes Command yellow and Sciences blue pillows ~ plus a not expendable Engineering Red pillow. Each has a classic Whimzie Quiltz scrappy border. It was more fun than a trip to Risa shopping for so many Starfleet colored fabrics!

My friend Shirley at Embroidery by Shirley did the fabulous Original Series insignia patches. She does all my embroidery work and is amazing at it. It’s worth working with her even though she’s half a planet away (if only we had transporter technology!)

I made one set for myself and replicated only one set to sell, so this is a very limited edition item. But I love that I got them finished in time for the premier of Star Trek Into Darkness! I’ve already got my tickets and can’t wait.

If only I could take my new pillows to the theater to watch in style and comfort. 😀


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