Memories, Love and Family…

Memories Love Family Quilt

There’s a saying among quilters that families are stitched together with love. Carrie N.’s family may be the inspiration behind that quote.

Five times now Carrie has placed a Whimzie Quilt order and each custom quilt (there were a couple of pillows in there, too) has been a loving tribute to someone in her family, including this just finished photo quilt for her grandmother.

Nearly everyone in the family got involved to make this quilt extra special. Photos were pored over for weeks; colors were discussed in detail; fabrics featuring Grandma’s favorite things were chosen with care.

Everyone wanted Grandma to look at this quilt and remember nothing but happy times… growing strawberries, watching hummingbirds, drinking Coke. But most especially, happy times with her fabulous, fun and funny family.

A family stitched together with love.

Warmest wishes,
Your Custom Quilt Creator


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