Size Does Matter

ImageThis week I’m working on a quilt for myself ~ it started off a nice little t-shirt quilt, but I’m adding a border here, a border there and it’s growing and GROWING!

Which has got me thinking about quilt sizes. A quilt can be any size, from mere inches to 10 feet wide. But there’s some typical sizes that you’ll see mentioned frequently at Whimzie Quiltz, including

Baby Quilt
Something around 36″ square is a nice size for a baby quilt – it fits in most cribs, but can be spread on the floor for playtime fun at the same time. 36″ x 48″ is as big as you want to get for something like this (too much bigger and it’ll never fit in the diaper bag!) Custom Whimzie baby quilts generally run $150 to $225.

Lap Quilt
Lap quilts, also known as throws, are the most popular quilt size – perfect for curling up with a good book or to watch TV. Smaller size lap quilts run 48″ x 60, but if your looking for something a bit more snugglier or want to fit two, going up to 72″ x 72″ isn’t unheard of. Custom Whimzie lap quilts start around $325, but can cost as much as $600.

Twin Quilt
Twin quilts actually come in two sizes – the traditional 65″ x 85″ and the extra long 65″ x 95″ for dorm beds. Expect to pay $600 to $650 for a custom Whimzie quilt in the twin size.

Queen or King Quilt
Queen or King quilts are requested quite frequently, too; here you are getting into quilts as big as 90″ x 90″ or 95″ x 105″ and, well, that’s a lot of fabric! So $875 is the least a queen quilt is going to cost; $1100 to $1200 is average for a King. I realize that seems like a lot of money, but you’re actually getting a lot for your money, custom Whimzie quilt service and a fabric keepsake that will become a family treasure enjoyed for years and years.


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