Join Team Whimzie Quiltz in a Pillow Fight Today

Today is International Pillow Fight Day! Seriously, in cities around the world, massive public pillow fights are being held even as you read this. Maybe it’s all the feathers in the air, but are you as tickled by the whole idea of cushion-only conflicts as I am?

12 BIG Pillows+ Or maybe I love this idea because, since the last time I wrote, Whimzie Quiltz has been stuffed with pillow orders.

It all started with this order of 12 BIG Pillows right before Christmas…

While I was working on those, the customer asked if I ever made smaller pillows. Always game to quilt something new, I made her 2 ‘bitty’ BIG pillows.

Which led to this order of 5 ‘bitty’ pillows and 1 BIG Pillow (I love how it looks like a mama Herky the Hawkeye being followed by her 5 baby Herkys.)
6 Pillows

12 MORE Pillows


Which led to 12 more ‘bitty’ pillows, 6 more BIG pillows and a final 2 ‘bitty’ pillows (that pair was actually for me)…

For those of you not keeping track, that’s a total of 40 – forty! – pillows!

The smaller pillows were so much fun, I decided to offer both ready-made and custom ‘bitty’ pillow shams in my Etsy shop. Currently, I have available Little Blue Pillows in the style of Tiffany’s little blue box,
Doctor Who Tardis sign pillows, and Superhero pillows
(Batman and Green Lantern will be joining the Man of Steel shortly.)

Lest you worry that Whimzie Quiltz and More has become Whimzie Pillowz and More, in January I finished a very touching memorial quilt and I’m currently working on another photo quilt, a NFL quilt (got to keep that team a secret as the customer is giving it as a gift) and a super fun Iowa/KSU House Divided quilt using only pink fabrics.

With all these great projects in the pipeline, I’m now taking orders for delivery in the late summer/early fall, so if you were thinking of having a custom dorm quilt made or something for the holidays, now would be a great time to get that order in.

And as just a little more encouragement… with every new quilt order placed between now and June 30, I’ll throw in a coordinating 14″ x 14″ ‘bitty’ pillow sham for FREE! After all,
you’ll want to be prepared for Pillow Fight Day 2014, right?

Warmest wishes,
Your Custom Quilt Creator

PS –
I’d love it if you followed me here at the Whimzie Quiltz blog – either by email or RSS Feed (links are to the right ►)

If one side of your pillow is cool,
does that make the other side nerdy?


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