My Quilt Bucket List

Happy National Quilting Day (or is it Merry National Quilting Day? I can never remember…) I’m celebrating the best holiday of the year by turning a little reflective and putting together a quilt “bucket list” – the list of quilts I want to finish before I kick the proverbial bucket. Hopefully, I’ve got plenty of time, because there are plenty of quilts I’m “dying” to make!

Currently in my bucket:

Big 8 Quilt ~ Ah, the good ol’ days when there was a Big 8 Conference in college sports – KU vs K-State, KU vs Missouri, anybody vs Nebraska! Back when proximity determined who your team played in basketball and football, not money. I so want a quilt featuring all 8 teams to remember those fun times and fantastic games.

Doctor Who Quilt ~ This being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I’ve seen a lot of crafts around the web celebrating the show and it’s history and, boy, have they given me the longing for a quilt featuring all 11 doctors. And the Tardis. Because 11 blocks is a little unwieldy for a quilt, but 12 is classic. It’s like Doctor Who was meant to be a quilt!

Star Trek Quilts ~ You might be seeing a sci-fi theme here, but I’d love to create couple of Star Trek quilts, one featuring the Original Series for my husband and one featuring The Next Generation for me. Original series fabric is actually being released in May and I’ve already got yardage on order. So, please, fabric companies, buy the licensing rights to Next Gen, too, and make my geek dreams come true!

Tequila T-shirt Quilt ~ Some of you might have seen the winery tour t-shirt quilt I made a couple of years ago; it’s one of my favorite quilts of all time. Now I want to create a sister quilt featuring t-shirts from some of my favorite tequila brands. I’ve already got the shirts, I just need to put my margarita down and get to sewing!

Jellyfish Quilt ~ Embellishing quilts using beads, charms, threads, ribbons and other trims is hot, hot, hot right now. I must admit, I’ve caught the bug. After a trip to the aquarium, I got to thinking how beautiful a jellyfish-themed quilt would be and I’m excited to use iridescent fabrics, ribbons and beads to create my first true art quilt.

The Quilt You’ve Always Wanted ~ I have to admit, the best inspiration always seems comes from my customers. For every fun quilt I want for myself, I know someone out there has an even more fabulous idea for a quilt they want. A quilt that means something special for themselves or a loved one, a quilt that will be cherished for years and years. And I want to make it!

Be sure and comment with the quilts on your quilt bucket list (or fill out the custom Whimzie quilt order form to start marking one off today!)



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