Save More than Daylight… Save a Quilt

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 10th, so don’t forget to spring those clocks forward 1 hour. And while you are at, this is a great time to prepare for storage the Whimzie quilts that have kept you warm all winter long.

storedquiltsParting is such sweet sorrow… Shakespeare must have been thinking about storing winter quilts when he penned that phrase. To ease the pain, store your quilts in plain sight*. How much do you love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens of replacing a closet door with a screen door so you can see all the gorgeous quilts stored inside?

Another great idea is a modern “bed turning”. Old fashioned bed turnings are typically sewing circle social events where quilters displayed many of the quilts they had created over the years. Instead of a one time occasion, you can store your quilts by laying out each on a guest bed, one on top of another, then fold one corner down so each quilt is partially visible – and enjoy them all the time!

If your quilts must go into deep, dark storage, fold your quilt using acid free tissue paper between the layers and place in a cloth bag or cotton pillowcase. (Never store your quilt directly on wood in a chest, drawer or box. Oils from the wood can be absorbed by the fabric, creating permanent stains.)

About twice a year open your quilt and refold it differently than before; this prevents damage from creases caused by folding in the same place each time. Which brings us back to Daylight Savings Time – changing your clocks happens twice a year, too. Coincidence? I think not!


* Avoid direct sunlight to keep your displayed quilts from fading. For more quilt care tips, visit Whimzie Quiltz and More – Care Instructions


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