A Life Well Lived, A Son Well Loved

A Life Well Lived Custom Photo Memory Quilt by Whimzie Quiltz and More

Daniel was full of life.

That’s the impression I was left with after talking with Melanie S. about a custom photo quilt in remembrance of her son, Daniel, who passed away in 2011. He loved to fish the way most of us love to breathe, loved to coach baseball, loved to spend time with his family, especially loved his mom.

Melanie is a scrapbooker, so she had lots of photos of Daniel perfect for printing on fabric. 79 in total (the most I’ve ever been asked to include in a quilt.)

We mixed them with material from his favorite shirts and a few purchased novelty fabrics that represented his favorite pastimes. She also asked that several meaningful messages – poems, notes, favorite sayings – find their way into the final 58″ x 87″ design. A subtle navy blue on navy blue background pulled everything together.

The overall look is symmetrical and simple, the better to let the photographs themselves tell the story.

The story of a life well lived and a son well loved.

Warmest wishes,
Your Custom Quilt Creator



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