Remember Me?

The essential question is not “How busy are you?”
but “What are you busy at?”

~ Oprah Winfrey

I haven’t been buried under an avalanche of fabric, although it’s been far too long since I’ve been in touch, hasn’t it? I’ve missed you all so much! And I think that’s the problem.

Busy Busy QuilterI feel I’ve lost the personal touch in much of what I do. Did you know, in addition to Whimzie Quiltz, I am running two Etsy stores, a Facebook page, this blog, a newsletter (which is supposed to be monthly), a Flickr site, a Google Place Page, a Google Map, and, most recently, a Pinterest account?

The World Wide Web is great – let’s face it, without the Internet I wouldn’t have great customers from Texas, Indiana or Australia! And heaven knows I wouldn’t find nearly as many cool fabrics as I do shopping online.

But the time it takes to keep all those online balls in the air has kept me from doing what I really want to do – QUILT! And, while posting a picture of my latest quilt online is easy, a lot of the story behind it’s creation is not being told. Truthfully, it’s the stories behind the quilts that really make Whimzie quilts special.

So, as I move into my 9th year in business, I’m going to pare back in some areas so I can really bloom in others. I’m going to focus here, on my Snip-Itz blog, where I can tell the quilt stories that inspire me and, hopefully, inspire you. I’m going to limit my time on Facebook and send my newsletter quarterly, with the occasional special email when I have something really exciting to share.

And I’m going to QUILT!

I’m overflowing with ideas for new products in my Etsy shops, from fun, fresh CompQCover designs to a fashionable expansion of my BIG Pillow for a BIG Fan line. Of course, what I’m most looking forward to is getting back to making colorful and comfortable, traditional, yet “whimzical” quilts.

Getting back to “creating the quilt you’ve always wanted”.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Warmest wishes,
Your Custom Quilt Creator

PS –
I’d love it if you followed me here at the Whimzie Quiltz blog – either by email or RSS Feed (links are to the right ►)


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