Blasting Off

With a Rocket Powered Quilt Project…

Saturn V Rocket - AlabamaFueled by a vision of a united future, The Dream Rocket Project is inspiring people from all over the world to create nearly 8000 quilts that will be stitched together to ‘wrap’ a Saturn V rocket at the US Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Girl Scout troops, classrooms and individuals from across the United States and the globe are making fabric panels featuring the theme “Dare to Dream”; fiber artist Jennifer Marsh will then coordinate the installation. Covering the 365-foot tall rocket will take more than 32,000 square feet of fabric (the equivalent of 530+ queen quilts!)

Saturn V rockets took US astronauts to the moon during the peak of the space program, making the Huntsville display a fitting setting for bringing together all these individual dreams and aspirations. Exhibits of Dream Rocket artwork collected so far are currently touring the Midwest and the official rocket wrapping date is set for May 2014.

(In 2008, artist Marsh also covered a gas station with 6000 square feet of quilts to encourage energy independence and beautify an abandoned building in her community.)


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