Star Gazing :: Custom Star Block Quilts

Twinkle Twinkle Great BIG Star Custom Quilt by Whimzie QuiltzFrom the basic 4 pointed corners of a FRIENDSHIP STAR block to the 264(!) points in a single TRIPLE FEATHERED STAR, sometimes it seems there are more star-based quilt blocks than there are stars in the sky.

I often recommend SAWTOOTH STAR quilts when customers want a traditional design; for a more contemporary look, STAR OF HOPE or SUNRAY STAR blocks are go-to options.

The bright blue and yellow SAWTOOTH STAR blocks in Twinkle Twinkle Great BIG Star made this one stellar baby quilt. But star patterns also look great in red, white and blue for a July 4th picnic blanket or in school colors for recent grads (think “reaching for the stars”).

There wouldn’t be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one.
~ Frances Clark

Star Struck or Down to Earth?

Tea-Stained TV Cover Custom Quilt by Whimzie Quiltz Maybe contemplating the vastness of space makes quilters appreciate having their feet on solid ground, because a lot of star blocks are actually named for places right here on Earth.

Internationally, there’s the CHINESE STAR and the DANISH STAR. Closer to home, there’s the OHIO STAR, ARIZONA STAR (it’s the block in this tea-stained quilt), CONNECTICUT STAR and the BLAZING STAR OF MINNESOTA (what show offs those quilters in the Land of 10000 Lakes are!)

Even some cities have star quilt blocks named after them – Indianapolis has it’s own star block, as do Chicago and Natchez. And, even if you aren’t necessarily famous, you can have a Whimzie quilt made with your very own HOLLYWOOD STAR!

Start Your Custom Star Block Quilt by Whimzie Quiltz Now ►


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