Die, Sunbonnet Sue, Die!

The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue…

Classic Sunbonnet Sue AppliqueOne of the most famous applique quilt designs of all time is Sunbonnet Sue, the darling little youngster with her face hidden under a huge hat. Based on children’s books from the early 1900s, Sue is the probably the most adorable quilt pattern ever created.

And that’s the problem – she can be a bit too cutesy for some people. By the 1970s, a group of quilters from Lawrence, KS (my old home town) determined they’d had enough of sweet Sue and they decided to kill her off. Each quilter created a block showing Sue meeting her demise in some terrible, and terribly funny, way, including tied to railroad tracks, eaten by a snake, and, since it was the 70s, even hit by Skylab!

The finished 20-block quilt, called “The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue” (see it here), became notorious in quilting circles and was eventually donated to the Michigan State University quilt museum.


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