Stuck on You :: Custom Applique Quilts

Turtles All Around Applique Quilt by Whimzie QuiltzAlthough applique, applying a shaped piece of fabric to background material, probably started as a way to patch clothing, by 980 BCE, the Egyptians were using it to decorate gazelle hide canopies with hand sewn animal images. Modern quilters tend to avoid gazelle hide, but applique is still a beautiful design choice.

I often recommend an appliqued quilt pattern when customers want an intricate, less geometric look – or when lettering (a name, for instance) is needed.

Animal applique continues to be a popular motif, as you can see from this toddler’s turtle-themed Whimzie Quilt. The turtles were attached to the background with heat-activated adhesive and then the edges were oversewn by machine. Want a more folk art/country look? Picture your favorite design with decorative hand sewn black thread around the edge.
Or we can leave off the stitching all together for today’s popular raw edge applique look.

I’m gonna stick like glue, stick, because I’m stuck on you.
~ Elvis Presley

Stuck for a Great Gift Idea?

Pink Sox Applique Quilt by Whimzie QuiltzDo you find it hard to buy gifts for the people in your life that just don’t fit into the usual categories? The versatility of applique solves that problem!

Take for instance one customer’s baby girl predestined to grow up a Boston baseball fan. It’s not easy to find nursery items that are, one, Red Sox related, and, two, pink!  But, with applique, I was able to reproduce the team logo in fabric, changing the classic color scheme so it was perfect for a little girl.

With custom applique quilts, it’s always the right color, the right size and the right gift for the hardest to buy for on your list.

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