Holy Sinister Stitching, Batman!

In 1946, DC Comics unveiled a new super villain destined to be a ‘stitch’ in Batman’s side…

DC Comics Super Villan Crazy QuiltBlinded by a gunshot, famed artist Paul Dekker agreed to an experimental procedure to regain his sight. The surgery went tragically wrong, and, able to see only intensely vivid colors, he is driven to mad! Donning a patchwork pattern costume, Dekker becomes the super villain Crazy Quilt, using blinding lights to wreak terror on the poor souls of Gotham City.

Crazy Quilt appeared in 11 Batman comics, most recently in 2007; a female version was featured in several other comic books in the 1980s. The character (voiced by Jeffery Tambor) also appeared in Batman: The Brave and The Bold on the Cartoon Network in 2009.


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