Let’s Go Crazy

Contemporary Crazy Quilt by Whimzie QuiltzCrazed glazing on Japanese ceramics displayed during the 1876 Centennial Expo inspired the irregular patches and rich fabrics of Victorian era crazy quilts. Today’s crazy quilts keep the asymmetrical piecing, but substitute modern fabrics and colors.

I often recommend crazy quilt-inspired designs for adventurous customers looking for a contemporary quilt.

If you are a bit of a free spirit, something like this tangerine and fuschia Whimzie quilt with a floral pattern would be a fun complement to your lively personality. Just imagine it in other crazy color combinations – amber and charcoal perhaps? Or turquoise and scarlet?

What’s the point of being fascinatingly crazy, if you don’t enrich the world with it?
~ Anonymous

Modern Crazy Quilt by Whimzie QuiltzMaybe you think crazy quilts aren’t for you? Check out this completely different take on the crazy quilting tradition.

Yes, surprisingly, a crazy quilt also works with today’s simpler decorating styles. The chic, yet cozy, neutrals of this Whimzie quilt were a perfect match for the customer’s modern decor.

(This heart-shaped pattern is one of my favorite recommendations for custom wedding quilt orders, too. Especially when the couple is crazy in love!)

Start Your Custom Crazy Quilt by Whimzie Quiltz Now ►


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