Recipe for a Great Custom Quilt

A lot of top quality ingredients go into creating your custom Whimzie Quilt – 100% cotton fabrics, longstaple thread, premium blend batting, but…

The most important ingredient in the custom quilt “recipe” is YOU!

Not only do you choose the theme, the colors, the pattern and the size of your quilt, but the more you are able to tell me about the person receiving your quilt, the better I am able to craft a special, personalized design.

In the last 7 years, a lot of people have shared touching stories and fun tidbits about their lives with me so we could ‘cook up’ some really great quilt designs! Here are a few of my favorites ~

  • “Interested in a pink baseball baby quilt. My husband is a huge Red Sox fan and I know he will love being able to start brainwashing our daughter early, hahaha!”

  • “There are seven of us, all current or retired from the same company, all getting together ~5 times a year for about 8 years. This quilt will be a gift from 6 of us friends to the seventh for her 60th birthday.”

  • “My daughter is a total princess. I was thinking of a quilt of all her favorite things to do or maybe just what she’s intersted in, like animals/zoo, Disneyland (anything princess), baking, fishing, dancing, singing, reading, etc.”

  • “My Honey has a Nook Color and he needs a cover. He loves science fiction, robots, Star Trek and computers.”

  • “Would love to have a geometric design so I can show my students who are studying to be elementary school math teachers how quilts and math go together.”

  • “I love my four legged best friend, my Golden Retriever named Junior. He is 12 and I realize he is getting up there in age, I would love to have a quilt that honors him. We have been together since he was 3 months old and he has brought so much joy to my life.”

  • “I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan and therefore have a room dedicated to the movie. The room has a twin trundle bed and I am trying to find a quilt maker that can make the bedspread.”

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