7 Questions I Get Asked the Most

People are naturally curious when I mention I’m a custom quilter; it’s not that common, so I get a LOT of questions. As part of my “7 Year Stitch” celebration (you may have heard me mention this is Whimzie Quiltz‘ 7th anniversary one or twice) I thought I’d answer some the questions that come up the most:

How long does it take to make a quilt?

    A lot depends on the detail of the design and the size of the quilt; if I do nothing but work on one lap size quilt with a fairly simple design, I can complete it in a little over two weeks. However, I’ve usually got several orders going at once, so my average time is 1-3 months.

Is Christmas your busiest time?

    Surprisingly, the holidays are often my least busy time of year. I’m usually busiest January through March. My theory is that everyone who didn’t get a custom quilt for a gift decides to take matters into their own hands come the New Year.

Do you make t-shirt / memory / photo quilts?

    Yes, memory quilts from clothing, including t-shirts, and quilts with fabric photos are something I do. I get asked this one so often, I created a T-Shirt Quilt Tip Sheet and a Photo Quilt Tip Sheet to explain what can and cannot be included.

Do you go to craft shows?

    I did a couple of craft shows early on. People would come by my booth and say “Oh, I love this quilt, if only it was in a different color, or a different size, etc.” It was those comments that sent me in the direction of custom quilts rather than ready-made.

Will you finish a quilt top I made?

    If someone has already sewn a quilt top, they need what’s known as a “long-arm quilter” to finish it. A long-arm quilter uses a specialized sewing machine just for quilting tops; often this is the only service they offer. Since I create quilts from the initial design to the final stitch, from “fabric to finished” as I like to say, I’ll refer someone who’s sewn a top to another quilter.

Do you sell fabric?

    Nope. But I get this one a lot from quilters visiting the area (they Google “San Diego quilt shops” and www.whimziequiltz.com comes up) so I keep addresses for all the local fabric stores close by to share when I get a call.

Can you make me another quilt?

    Actually, a lot of my customers are returning customers, so I get this question frequently. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when a WQ customer loves his or her quilt enough to return for another! You all are the best!

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