Ugly Fabrics… Uncensored!

Most quilters have an ugly little secret – somewhere in their stash of material are fabrics that beg the question, “What was I thinking?” So, this month, as part of my 7 Year Stitch celebration, I thought I’d share 7 of the ugliest fabrics I’ve collected over the last 7 years.

Ugly Fabrics Uncensored

There’s the pink and black dancers that I thought would be perfect for a little girl’s quilt, but still can’t find the right pattern. And I love the idea of the beige/grey/brown/black stripe, but again, the right project hasn’t ‘materialized’.

The holly isn’t bad, but there are so many other, more fun holiday fabrics that it keeps getting pushed to the back of the closet. Same with the blue and yellow floral – it’s not bad, but it could be better!

Or take the black/white/red stripe (please!) It looked so good online, but in person the colors are more muted. And I’m not a big fan of metallic fabrics to start with, so why, oh WHY, do I have so much purple and gold harlequin fabric?

And finally, there’s the kitties. I love these adorable kitties, with their little Chesire grins. But whose bright – and I literally mean bright – idea was it to put them on a electric green and flourescent teal background!?!

Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, etc., etc… so, if you happen to like any of these top-quality, 100% cotton fabrics from my stash, I’m offering

7% off Any Custom Quilted Item Using One of 7 These ‘Ugly’ Fabrics
Offer good on orders placed before Oct 18

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